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Hire < 5 Functional QA

$ 17 / Per Hour
  • 1-2 Years QA - 17$ per hour
  • 2-4 Years QA - 19$ per hour
  • 4-6 Years QA - 22$ per hour

Hire 5-10 Functional QA

$ 16 / Per Hour
  • 1-2 Years QA - 16$ per hour
  • 2-4 Years QA - 18$ per hour
  • 4-6 Years QA - 21$ per hour

Hire >10 Functional QA

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InstaQA is the leading quality assurance and software testing company empowering enterprises with digital transformation journey by leveraging AI automation and various methodologies. We aim to enhance the quality, speed, security and the digital experience of our clients.

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